Access Control

Relying on security and access control systems is a requirement in today’s business world

Physical security and access control systems have become necessary for most companies. Large or small, companies need to protect their facilities, data, and personnel. The following provides a cursory look at what is involved in a Physical Security and Access Control System, elements and architecture, with a description of its components.CollagewithArrows

Why implement an Access Control System?
– Provide “Controlled Access” to the facility
– Allow access only to authorized personnel
– Implement a “Security Protocol & Policy” to make employees, visitors and the facility safe
– Implement a security and access level hierarchy based on personnel function
– Automate and enhance the identification process
– Automate personnel tracking
– Minimize human error
– Track outside contractors and vendors
– Record and generate reports of access for each area

 Automated Access Control Advantages
– Eliminate the need to man all access points
– Take full and orderly control of your site
– Improve security measures and provide convenient access for authorized personnel
– Improve response to emergencies
– Ability to lock down entire areas quickly at high threat levels
– Track personnel movement and access
– Establish and enforce one set of access rules
– Eliminate the “buddy” system
– Provide safety for visitors and employees
– Archive records for potential future use

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